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What We Do

STATE3 works with large, complex organisations - from Universities, Central & Local Government, Health Care Providers, Utilities / Electrical Distribution Boards, Primary Industry and many more.

STATE3 - Process Diagram RGB.png

Our Implementation Approach

We know your organisation is under pressure.  The STATE3 Online implementation process is easily deployed and delivers results in weeks, not months. 

Implementation Milestones RGB.png

Our engagement plan highlights each step, who is needed and by when. 

Our work starts with preparing your Microsoft Azure environment, Ingesting Lists of key information and Mapping Services into you base Catalogues.

The implementation process maps Technologies by working with technology and business SME’s to capture the intrinsic knowledge.

Depending on your engagement plan and modules purchased, we finish our work by ensuring that the final integrations implemented.


The core integrations such as our Azure AD Integration or other search / discovery tools keeps your base Catalogues up to date.  This step ensures  an automation architecture for your organisation is in place, removing the over head for ongoing and solely manual updates.

The last step is training your team and ensuring we are embedded in your change management processes.

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